«« Uses for Naturally Nancy's Protective Cream

s our name suggests, Naturally Nancy’s Protective Cream is ideal for treating dry skin anywhere on your body. Whether you suffer from winter-chapped hands, dry, calloused feet, or generally dry skin, Nancy’s will soften and protect your skin. Use several times a day, and just before bedtime, and see for yourself the dramatic results.

But Naturally Nancy’s is more than “just another hand cream.” Look at these many different uses:

Do you have a prescription cream to treat conditions such as eczema or psoriasis? Some doctors recommend purchasing your prescription, applying it, and covering it with Naturally Nancy’s Protective Cream to hold the prescription cream in place.

«« Because Naturally Nancy's forms a protective barrier between your skin and the environment, it's often used by hair stylists doing chemical treatments on clients with sensitive skin.

«« Woodsmen use the cream to soften, waterproof and protect their heavy leather chainsaw gloves and boots. The cream does not cause stitching or leather to break down the way some products do over time. Naturally Nancy's can also be used on saddles, bridles, harnesses and other leather goods as a softener and protective product.

«« Food handlers apply the cream before putting on their latex or vinyl gloves, and can also apply the cream and handle food directly as Naturally Nancy's is a food safe barrier cream.

«« Burns - Ever get a minor burn or scald in the kitchen? A little dab of Naturally Nancy's will take the sting out of the burn and help speed healing.

«« Electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople apply Naturally Nancy's before working on a job, and find it makes cleanup afterwards that much easier and quicker.

«« Foot clinics operated by VON (Victorian Order of Nurses) use Naturally Nancy’s for their clients foot care.

«« Cancer patients suffering undergoing chemotherapy frequently have dry, itchy skin. Using Naturally Nancy's Protective Cream helps to take away the itch and bring relief.

«« Teachers who have sensitivity to chalk can use Naturally Nancy’s in the classroom without it affecting the no-scents policy.

«« Naturally Nancy's is even great for pets! Because it’s not a toxic product, you can apply it to the pads of your dog’s feet in winter when salt causes dryness and cracking. Helps prevent the snow from forming balls in between the pads of their feet.

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