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Welcome to Naturally Nancy’s. It has been very exciting to get to know so many of our loyal customers since starting in 1997. We have had many letters, phone calls, emails and faxes, praising the protective cream. We are always happy to find out new uses for the cream. Being a scent-free product, it's very helpful to people who work in scent-free places, or for those with environmental illness.

Softens & Protects your skin


People regularly contact us to tell us about their successes with using our cream to treat such medical conditions as diabetes, contact dermatitis, heat rash, diaper rash, bed sores and eczema, while amputees find it brings relief to scar tissue. While I do not scientifically verify these benefits, the many personal testimonials bear witness to the benefits of using Naturally Nancy's Protective Cream. Many health care professionals, including doctors and nurses who use the product, lend support to the beneficial claims of our product.

My company is home-based and family-run. Without the support of my husband and three children, I would not have been able to grow the business to the size it is today. We plan to keep expanding without losing sight of the fact that the honeybee creates the perfect gifts from nature. We'll continue using honey and/or beeswax as the key ingredients in all our products, which are never tested on animals.

Since the introduction of the Milk bath in 2005 and the reintroduction of new labels/packaging in 2012. The number of Naturally Nancy's customers continues to grow. The Eczema suffers love the milk bath!

Naturally yours,
Nancy Maxner

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