«« Testimonials: What People are Saying

" As a senior citizen, painter and avid gardener I was unable to keep nice looking nails. My nails just would not grow. They chipped and peeled. Now that I use Naturally Nancy’s everyday, I have beautiful hands and nails. Putting the cream on before I paint or garden makes the cleanup process a breeze. Thanks so much for a great product! "

«« Audrey Goucher Millet, Windsor NS

" As a mother of four children, we experience lots of scratches, scrapes and skin irritations. We use Naturally Nancy’s for everything. Stops bug bites from itching. We love it "

«« Amanda Wilson, Dunedin NZ

" I have stress eczema on the palm of my right hand. I put the crème on the pad of the bandage and covered the spot with the bandage and it is just about gone. Wish the stress was! "

«« Thanks Jean BC

" I am writing to tell you that a dear friend of mine sent me some of your cream to try on my skin, as I have Chronic Urticaria, which is an autoimmune condition resulting in hives and swelling all over. It is intensely itchy and miserable. I was skeptical that a barrier cream could help, but I am writing to let you know that it does relieve the itching considerably and I use it a lot. I have recommended it to the Internet support group I belong to for people with Chronic Urticaria. "

«« Thank you! Best wishes C. Sadler ( London England)

" I am a double amputee, I would not be with out Naturally Nancy’s I put it on before I put on my artificial limbs. It helps stop the chaffing. I recommend it to other amputees. "

«« Carl Palmer , Berwick NS

" Naturally Nancy’s is the best product we have ever used to help our hands, during lambing season! It helps keep our hands from cracking in the wet and cold. Thank you. "

«« Kathryn Wilson, Yorkshire England

" I love the consistency of Nancy’s Cream…it allows me the flexibility to do both relaxation massage and deep tissue massage. When I combine it with hot stones, the cream just melts and leaves the skin soft and protected. "

«« Heather A.E. Porter, Registered Massage Therapist,
owner of Valley Massage Therapy Clinic.

" Over the past several years I have recommended Nancy’s cream to many of my patients who have very dry, flaking and cracked areas on their feet, especially on their heels. I find it extremely helpful as do my patients. "

«« Sylvia Lent, Podiatrist

" While searching for scent-free, toxin-free styling products for my new salon, I stumbled upon Naturally Nancy’s Protective Cream. Originally I purchased it for my hands but when I felt the texture of the product I knew it would make a great pomade for hair! I've since used it on many clients with medium-coarse and thick hair types. Used sparingly it gives texture, shine and prevents frizz, and it washes out easily, too. My husband uses it for his hair as other styling products irritate his scalp and forehead. Thank you, Nancy! "

«« Debbie Surette, Owner/Operator, Intuitions Hair Studio, Berwick NS.

" The one hand product no gardener should be without is Naturally Nancy’s Protective Cream. Because I’m notorious for losing my garden gloves, I end up working with bare hands and used to have chapped, dry hands most of the winter. Now I put it on before I start gardening, and again after I come in and clean up, and my skin stays soft and supple. It should be a staple in any gift basket you give to a gardener, or to yourself! "

«« Jodi DeLong, garden columnist for The Halifax Sunday Herald,
the Atlantic Co-operator, and gardening editor for Saltscapes magazine.

" I have introduced Naturally Nancy's to family and friends as not only the best hand cream on the market but a fabulous moisturizer as well - for all kinds of items. When I get to work in the morning, I not only put it on my hands, but give my shoes a quick rub down for that new polished look each morning! Before going out to shovel the snow (or build snowmen with my daughter), I put some of Nancy's protective cream on my boots to give it that extra protection against salt and wet - absolutely fabulous. I am always discovering new uses. "

«« Brenda Peart PFP, CFP, Financial Planner RBC Investments, Windsor Nova Scotia

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