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he old saying that necessity is the mother of invention is particularly true in the case of Naturally Nancy’s Protective Cream.

Nancy Maxner is a farmer, landscaper, wife and mother, who first developed skin problems after the birth of her first child. Working in landscaping and gardening, she found her skin would crack around her nails, in the joints of her hands fingers and wrists, even up to her elbows. Doctors prescribed all kinds of creams and lotions, but nothing gave any real relief.

Her beekeeper father, Gerry Smeltzer reminded her that beeswax has natural antiseptic and antifungal properties. He suggested that she try making some sort of lotion for herself using beeswax. So she started experimenting with a variety of concoctions and recipes, adjusting ingredients and amounts and finally she hit on something that satisfied her, and gave her skin condition immense relief.

Clients, neighbours and friends started noticing the dramatic difference in her hands, particularly as Nancy could now wear a watch and her wedding band without any discomfort. Before long other people started wanting to purchase Nancy's cream for themselves. In 1997 Naturally Nancy's Protective Cream, was born as a family-owned and operated business.

Today Naturally Nancy's is carried by a number of companies, including Halifax Seed, Central Building Supplies, Co-op Atlantic Stores, Home Hardware Stores, and many retail garden centres. It's still a family-owned and operated business, with the cream being made on the Maxner farm in Windsor, Nova Scotia, using pure, unbleached beeswax supplied to Nancy by her brother's honey operation.

Naturally Nancy’s Protective Cream is registered with Health Canada as a barrier cream. It has no added fragrance, so it’s ideal for those who have sensitivities to scented products. Its ingredients are pure unbleached beeswax, mineral oil, distilled water and a trace of natural borax. It only needs to be applied sparingly, because, as it says on the label, “A little goes a long way!”

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